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Our Customer Testimonials



It was a pleasure meeting you and some of your folks who will be assisting you  in your store.  Your spa looks great and very inviting.

I look forward to creating a relationship!  I also cannot wait to read the material and  then schedule an appointment for some of your unique services.  Thank you for your time.

Beverly Fraley, Virginia City, NV


The staff at B medical: Jean, Mea, Colleen and Jean Ann are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I started with micro needling and the results were immediate in skin tone, improved texture and pores almost non-existent. Next, Juviderm filler to replace lost volume in my cheek area. I've had this procedure done on numerous occasions, but this is the first time I REALY, REALLY saw the improvement. I give all the credit to Jean and her expertise. Very low pain and no downtime. Next was Chloe's artistic sculpting and tint of my eyebrows. She enjoys working with eyebrows and it shows. Chloe delivered the results I wanted on ALL counts. Call Jean Ann at 775-885-6940 for your appointment or a consultation on what is the best treatment plan for your desired outcome. The meticulous service and quality products at B Medical will have me returning. - Colleen Fitzgerald, Carson City, NV